Sam Younghans sailing days in Bimini

The photos #1 and #4 are of the bay in Alice Town, Bimini, taken  from the top of the mast of the Seer, a 62' motor ketch.

Photo #2 is of a 500+lb. marlin at the dock.


#3 is me sailing a loose footed Bahama dinghy. I borrowed it from an old salt who lived in Bimini. This was around 1949 or 1950.


I sailed on the yacht "Seer" out of Miami to Bimini in the Bahama Islands. Bimini was a famous fishing spot. Hemingway's favorite spot.

Sea Plane with view of South Bimini

The yacht Seer in Bimini
Chef on board, We were tied up at the dock.

The eye of the marlin. I took this photo in 1949 or 1950. One of the first selfies before there were cell phones.

Cat Cay

This Cay was only for the wealthy.

The "Seer," a 90' motor sailer in Cat Cay

Cat Cay

My Card



1951 - Playing captain aboard the 83' yacht, "Anstan II" 
Flushing Boat Basin, Long Island.

1951 - I found the photos of the 83' yacht, "Anstan II". I went on board in City Island, NY after sailing from Palm Beach to Mass. and then back to City Island with Harold Vanderbilt on his 92' Motor sailer, "Versatile." The Anstan II, sailed out of Flushing Boat Basin, Long Island. We sailed the waters off Long Island, until I was drafted into the Army in 1951.