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Dear Oasis Sailing Club Offiers, Directors and key members,

I had reported that during the three months of June, July and August 2001, our OASIS II sloop actually sailed on 65 days of the 85 available dates, yielding a utilization rate of 76%.  There were 212 member-days sailed (we averaged 34 members sailing 2.2 times per month, during these 3 months) plus 67 guest days, for an average daily crew size of 4.3 persons per trip.

During September 2001, shipyard repairs caused us to miss five scheduled sailing dates.  Still, our sloop sailed on 18 of the 22 remaining available dates (82% utilization), carrying 73 member-days plus 12 guest-days, for an average daily crew size of 4.7 persons per trip.

During October the sloop sailed on 23 of the 29 available dates (79%) utilization), during which 46 of our members recorded a total of  96 trips, plus 17 guest trips, making our daily crew size average of 4.9 persons per trip.

The November forecast (subject to call-in changes, etc.) reflects 24 sailing dates out of the 27 available (89% utilization).  47 members are signed up for 99 trips and 21 guest trips are planned, yielding a forecast daily crew size to average 5.0 persons.

To recap the trend, the number of members sailing at least once during the month has risen from 22 persons in June, to 32 persons in July, to 46-47 persons in October-November.  A higher percentage of our roster is sailing than ever before!  Our 2001 fall activity is DOUBLE that of  the year earlier fall season!

The OASIS II will have sailed on 237 days, during the latest 12 months.  These 237 sailing dates, plus our 12 informative monthly meeting plus 12 work parties plus 5 special events add up to 266 activity dates for our Oasis Sailing Club during the past year.  We are the most active entity within the entire Oasis Senior Center!  Our membership is greater than every other group within Friends of Oasis!  Unique and vital--- what a combination!

John Byerlein