Sailing with Sam


1954 - 79th Street Yacht Basin, NYC. Jackie Hilliard took these photos. That summer I cruised the Hudson River and Long Island Sound.



1949 - In Nassau Harbor
Sculling out to the Voyager II.
Spent ten weeks in Nassau.

#3 1956 - Sailed the coast of Miami Beach, advertising Coppertone, on a 38' yawl. The first time out it almost sank - water over the engine; ruined the engine. I sailed her for a year without an engine. Had to tack out of Biscayne Bay and through Government Cut to get outside and return. Continued>>>>.

  1949 - I caught this dolphin off of the stern of the Voyager II. We were sailing out of Walkers Cay in the Bahamas, headed for Morehead City, NC


>>> Many times I had to anchor her in the ocean and swim ashore to one of the hotels, in order to call the Coast Gaurd to come pump out the water. No engine, no bilge pump.
Usually sailed alone with my dog, Peoples. I named her Peoples because she was better tham People. She stood on the bow and rode the waves. A great sailor.

Me in my yachting days. The photos #1 were taken in New York City at the 79th Street Boat Basin, by Jackie Hilliard. I delivered this 40' Chris Craft to New York from Miami Beach. The Trip took 15 days. I left Miami on March 15th which was very early in the season, had some interesting adventures on the trip up the coast.  Those stories will be in my forthcoming book. In mid-summer I took a job as captain on a new 45' Chris Craft and coninued cruising the East Coast. 
   The other two photos were taken while sailing on the 79' Schooner "Voyager II." We were cruising the Bahamas for about 10 weeks. I caught the dolphin (Durado/Mahi Mahi) while sailing off of Walker Cay in the northern Bahamas. The one of me sculling was taken in the Nassau Harbor. I was returning from Nassau, heading out to the "Voyager II".
     We sailed from the Bahama's to Moorehead City North Carolina. Had bad weather, the boat filled up with water and we tore a sail.
      The photo above is a 42' yawl that I sailed, daily for a year, off the coast of Miami Beach.



Found the photos of the Antares, a 39 foot Ketch I bought in Miami. It belonged to Ernest Hemingway before I got it. I advertised the Vagabond Club on the sails  and took charters scuba diving and cruising into the Bahamas. In the photo on the right you will see the Antares off in the distance. I had rowed the dinghy ashore to visit Lord Buckley and Faith Dane who lived in a mansion on Miami Beach right next  to the beach. Those were wonderful years.