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by Neil Simon. 

Al Lewis (Tom Mazzone) & Willie Clark (Sam Younghans)

An ex-vaudeville team, Al Lewis, and Willie Clark, in spite of playing together for forty-three years, have a natural antipathy for one another.  (Willie resents Al’s habit of poking a finger in his chest, or perhaps accidentally spitting in his face).  It has been eleven years since they’ve performed together, when along comes  CBS-TV who is preparing a ‘History of Comedy’ special that will, of course, include Willie and Al – the ‘Lewis and Clark’ team back together again.  In the meantime, Willie’s been doing commercials, like for Frito Lay potato chips (he forgets the name), while Al is happily retired.  The team gets back together again, only to have Al poke his finger in Willie’s chest. 
Who are the Performers?

*Tom Mazzone (Al Lewis) is a well-known community theater actor in Orange County

Sam Younghans (Willie Clark) has appeared in films, on TV and on the stage over a 40 year career.  His play/book ‘Cancel Christmas’ is very well known in children’s theaters. Movie credits

North County Times: “The Sunshine Boys” is a must-see for both fans of Neil Simon and those just interested in a good time. 

Times-Courier Review: Sam Younghans’ portrayal of Willie Clark is superb.  He has the crotchety old  man down to a tee.   Ranting and raving all over the stage, he is a man who has nothing left but his sense of humor and  memories of the old days.  Equally, Tom Mazzone is the perfect  Al Lewis to Younghans’ Clark.  On the other end of the scale, Lewis is quieter, more refined.  The play reveals early-on that Lewis retired 11 years ago.  Mazzone manages to keep perfect timing with Younghans, while never breaking character.  Like the team of Tony Randall and Jack Klugman in the TV version the ‘The Odd Couple’, Younghans and Mazzone work well off one another, with all the chemistry of seasoned professionals who had actually worked together for over 45 years.

I really could see the comedy team of Lewis and Clark as portrayed by Younghans and Mazzone up on the vaudeville stage with the likes of Burns & Allen or Abbott & Costello.
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12/19/2002 - Beverly Hills: Bridgepoint Retirement Apartments- "Funny, delightful - We want them back."

On April 12, 2003, "The Sunshine Boys" won a $300 second place at the Absolute Health Care Spring Talent Show, performing two scenes from Neil Simone's play, The Sunshine Boys. Out of 140 contestants, 10 were chosen for the finals that were held in Laguna Woods, CA.  Pat Boone was the MC. He also sang some wonderful songs.  See Photo

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The "fingah" again!!
More photos of the "Boys"
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Entertainment For Seniors:
 (Centers, retirement villages, mobile home parks, etc. 

Founded by Sam Younghans. The goal is to provide seniors with a selection of professionally presented entertainments suitable for an afternoon presentation or for an early evening ‘dinner theater’

Dinner Theater

As you probably know, late afternoon or early evening ‘dinner theaters’ are becoming very popular with Senior Centers.  They give your members an opportunity to enjoy first class, real theater entertainment in the comfort of your club for a fraction of the cost and inconvenience of traveling to a commercial dinner theater.

This presentation of The Sunshine Boys is ideally suited for your facility as it doesn’t require an elaborate set and lasts a little more than an hour.  It is done in two acts – so you could schedule Act One before dinner and Act Two afterwards – or have both acts after dinner.  We’re completely flexible.

If you’re interested, we would be glad to discuss the specifics. To book our show, or obtain more information, fill out the form and submit it. 

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Comments From the Audience * Thanks for the laughs, You made my weekend.
* It was delightful! You guys are great.
* We hope you come back. You are funny.
* How nice to see people our age doing something. It was great!.
* How do you remember all of those Lines? You guys gave me a wonderful evening. Thank you. 

More photos of the "Boys"


Newport Beach - Oasis Senior Center.
  Private Party
Beverly Hills: Bridgepoint Retirement
Mission Viejo: Norman Murray Com. Ctr.
Upland Community Center.
Palmdale Palmdale Senior Center
Huntington Beach:
Rogers Senior Center.
San Dimas Senior Center
Newport Beach - Newport Harbor High School
Absolute Health Care - Talent Show in Laguna Woods. Over 140 contestants. Click here to see
Yucaipa Senior Center
Laguna Woods:  Rossmore Towers
Mission Viejo - New York/New Jersey Club
Newport Beach: Oasis Senior Center
El Monte Senior Center
Manhattan Beach Community Theatre.


*San Dimas Senior Center: We want you to come back!!
*Mission Viejo: The Sunshine Boys made our first ever dinner theater a great success.  We'll have them back.
*Upland:  One of the best entertainments we've had.
Beverly Hills:  Fabulous.  We've had many requests already to do a repeat.
Palmdale:  Not just a great rendition of the Sunshine Boys, but the comedy and singing was super.
Yuciapa:  Much funnier than we expected. Everyone left laughing.
Oasis - Corona del Mar - Newport Beach: Sold Out! -  Want you back soon. We turned away over 40 people.

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The Sunshine Boys are Shining!

In addition to the Sunshine Boys, we also offer: Song & Dance Acts, Monologues, MC your Roast, Banquet or Convention. We have available; Singing Groups, Mimes, Comedies.
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More photos of the "Boys"

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