The Vagabonds
(The Four Vagabonds)

Photos from Elmer Kuber (Attilio Risso's Nephew)
Photo Section One | Photo Section Two | Photo Section Three | Photo Section Four

Photo Section One
  1. Orsen Wells on same bill as the Vagabonds
  3. A letter my Aunt received from the officials of SF upon Til's death. Somewhere I have the proclamation of Attilio Risso Day in San Francisco.
 4. A  page from the Christmas 1942 edition of the Hollywood Kinckerbocker.
 5. A  pic from Miami, the Vagabonds with Jackie Gleason. (The Vagabond Club on Biscayne Blvd., Miami, Florida)
 6. Arthur Godfrey joins in. (The Vagabond Club on Biscayne Blvd., Miami, Florida)

Photo Section Two
7. Attilio
8. Attilio, a pic he sent to his Mother and Father
9. My Aunt, Katherine Kuber Risso
10. A pic from SF call bulletin July 13, 1942
11. Certificate of Service

Photo Section Three
12. Tilio and Katherine at the Blue Fox
13, Tilio at the Club 222 in Miami Beach
14. Vagabonds at the Hotel Chase, St. Louis
15. Tilio
16. Vagabonds
17. Vagabonds in High hats and tails
19. An early pic with jug
20.  A dark pic, (maybe from "Saratoga"?)

Photo Section Four
21. Tilio with Accordion
22. Vagabonds (as sailors)
23. Vagabonds - later publicity picture
24. Kathy Houston, Al Torrieri and Sam Younghans

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