The Vagabonds
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The Four Vagabonds, a zany musical group of the forties and the fifties, performed on the stage, radio, television and the in movies. They had their own supper club in Miami and booked top performers into the club as well as performing them selves. This site pays tribute to them with photos and stories from Miami to San Francisco.
  09/07/2008 - Nicholas Torrieri III, Boerne,  -  Al was my uncle.  I have spent many hours trying to re-build my memories of the Vagabonds. Without the help of Sammy and parsec-santa it would have been an impossible task.  Kudos and deep heartfelt thanks, Sammy.  The one item that eludes me is an album called "Filbert The Bird."  Circa about 1948-49.  A children's storybook record and full color picture and text story book. Any information on this would be highly appreciated.  Thanks./Nick Thank you many times over Sammy.

Thanks for the info! My husband, Dino, is Dom's eldest child. Dino's Mom was Dom's second wife, Chris. Rachel was the first wife, then Chris, then Mary. Hubby was named for Dean Martin and Dino Natalie. Tony and Dom kept in touch through the years. They cut an album together (in the 1968) called "Friends," but there were some contract problems with Columbia, and it never got released. It was recorded in a Jewish Synagogue in New York. Tony called Dom and they chatted the week Dom died. Tony also showed up at Dom's funeral.
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Thanks for your email with photos available.  I have seen several of them.  It's great.    I have no additional ones for you, though.
Thanks a lot - memorable times back then!
God bless,
Frankie Laine

Thanks very much...Tell Frankie he has made my YEAR !!! I respect his work very much,

I was the Drummer for the Vags for some time. You have done a great job with this, a true gift of love. I am in some of the photos and some of the Photos are miss labeled. I would be glad to help you. I also have a lot of Photos no one else has. Let me know. Roger

Fennelly, Leo J. - - Michigan 48188 USA
In April, 1954, I spent an entire evening at the Vagabond's Club in Miami, started with Frozen Daiquiris in the Arthur Godfrey Lounge, ending with dinner and the show in the main room.  One of the greatest nights out in memory.  Talked briefly with the accordion player, he was very cordial.  They were superb musicians and their comic antics ranked with the best.  I'll never forget them.  LJF

Leonard Quam, Sparta, NJ 07871, , , I remember them on an Arthur Godfrey Florida show when they all ended up jumping into the pool instruments and all. Would love to see that show but imagine it is lost forever.

 SAM'S ANSWER: You were lucky to see those shows. They used old instruments when they jumped into the pool - that was a regular happening on the Aurthur Godfrey Show. A few years later when they closed the club, I was helping Frank Linale, the manager and band director, move things over to his studio (He started the first stereophonic recording studio in Florida.), I found Pete Peterson's old bass (the pool bass), all cracked and dried out. I moved it over to Frank's studio and took it all apart, sanded all the parts then glued it all together. I put a good lacquer on it and then strung it. It sounded great, Frank couldn't believe it was the old bass.


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