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As I sip my martini while creating the page of photos of the Vagabonds in the movie "Something to Sing About," starring James Cagney, strong memories and feelings about the times spent with those guys brought tears to my eyes. They were one of the bright star-lit times of my life. I can sit here and visualize all of them in their club in Miami, and I can see each of them as the individual characters they were. The Individual Characters that I had the good fortune to know - to be a part of their lives and they to be a part of my life. I remember how well they treated me. I was no one of importance, but they treated me like a buddy. I miss you guys, and I hope we can be together again, somewhere, someplace, I will be looking for you.    

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Photos from Elmer Kuber (Attilio Risso's Nephew)

Photos from Tamela and Dino Germano (Dom's Son)

Kevin Segura is helping Tamela and Dino with their web site by designing a site of their photos.  Photos with comments about The Vagabonds:  Created by Tamela Germano, wife of  Dino Germano, Dom's son.

Other Photos of The Vagabonds and friends 

A San Francisco, North Beach haunt of the Vagabonds.

An old record from Roger Pearsall, he was the drummers with the boys. I have attached one of the tracks from the Century Plaza Hotel show. This was one of the last times Dom, Al, Til and Dino were together on stage. It was recorded on an old wollensack by a bus boy. So you get what you get! - Rog

Al Torrieri

NEW!! Photos captured from the film Something to Sing About, starring James Cagney.

The Vagabonds in the Movies

Something to Sing About 1937 James Cagney, Evelyn Daw
Saratoga 1937 Jean Harlowe, Clark Gable
The Spirit of Stanford 1942 Frankie Albert, Marguerite Chapman
She Has What it Takes 1943 Jinx Falkenburg
Swing Out the Blues 1943 Bob Haymes, Lynn Merrick, Janis Carter
It Ain't Hay 1943 Abbott and Costello
Hey, Rookie 1943 Larry Parks, Ann Miller, Joe Besser
Tahiti Nights 1945 Jinx Falkenburg, Dave O'Brian
People are Funny 1946 Art Linkletter