Veterans, Servicesmen, Servicewomen, locate your old friends.

 I think of all of the people who have died to make it possible to live in this wonderful land. I thank them from the bottom of my heart. But I also pray that the greedy who use this beautiful country to better themselves, with total disregard to their good fortune for living in this country, somehow, open their hearts and change their ways. They have it in their hands to make this an even better country than it already is. Put away your differences, work together for what is best for the country, not what is best for special interest groups. Politics should not divide this country. It should not be "them and us". We hear the word "unite" spoken often in speeches, but never see it in action. Conservatist, Liberals, Democrats, Republicans, Independents, to name a few, are all words that split us apart. We all have families, we all love them; Think, we are all one worldly family. For the good of all, put aside your ego and the greed, and work for the good of all. What a wonderful world this could be, but for a few.

 God Bless. 


Veteran's List

Veterans, Service men/women of the World, Locate your old friends. If your name isn't on the list, please submit it so that others can locate you.  If you have submitted it and it is not on the list you may have sent an incorrect email address. I do not post names if the email address is not valid, and I don't edit your e-mail, so check your spelling.

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  1. Younghans, Sam - 
    Service Dates: 07/01/1951 - 07/03/1953 
    Ashland, Oregon, USA -
    Unit: Co. B Engr Boat Bn. 370th EASR  Ft Sherman, Canal Zone
           Would like to hear from anyone who was there. Especially George Martin and Larry Resnick .

  2.  Hunnicutt, illiam -
    Service Dates: 05/83 - 03/85
    denver, co, united states - 
    Unit: hhc 4th inf divison

  3. Pondence, Corres -
    Service Dates: 1989 - 1992
    Searching For: Annie King - US  Unit:

    Searching For: RON LUTZ - USA  Unit: Aco. 2/77ARMOR
    Service Dates: 1/3/84  - 1/4/87

  5.  Barker, Marie -
    Searching For: Eugene C. Bozant

  6. Strathmann, robert -
    Searching For: thomas william strathmann - us  

  7. Stevens, Wayne -

  8. Kiss, Peter -

  9. Kohler, Marcia - Email returned!!
    Service Dates: 1972 - 1976
    Reno, NV, USA -   I was at Fort Rucker, Al and Stutgart, Germany.

  10.  brown, bernard - wisconsin, milwaukee, 
    had a diploma on may 20th of 1981 for 1st infantry training brigade. company B 2nd Battalion.

    Unit: 2nd armored div, fort hood tex
    Service Dates: oct,1965 oct 1967 - oct 1967

  12.  Richards, Trevor -
    Service Dates: August 29, 1962 - 25 April 1985
    Abilene, Kansas, USA - 
    Unit: Co. D 75th Rangers Bttalion, RVN

  13.  begley, lonnie -
    Service Dates: JUNE-84 - AUG 84 - kentucky, hyden, usa - 
    Unit: B 2-1

  14.  Diamond, Donald -
    Service Dates: 9-65 - 9-67
    Conrad, Ia., USA - 
    Unit: 26th. Signal Battalion - Feel free to e-mail me

  15.  Carter, Michael -
    Service Dates: 1969 - 1972
    Washington, DC, USA - 
    I am looking for friends who served with me at Ft Huachuka AZ 1970-1972


Air Force

    Service Dates: DEC 59  - APR 63

  2.  Dot'o  Sr., Ronald J. -
    Service Dates: Feb 1960 - Jan 1983
    Salem, OR, U.S.A. - 
    Unit: 340th Bomb Wing,  127th Fighter Wing, 191st FIG, 142nd Fighter Wing, 104th & 116th Tac Control Sq.

  3. Dobson, Bruce -
    Service Dates: jan-66 - jan-67
    Unit: 1882 Comm Sq
     Looking for anyone in telephone communications 36251 @ Phan Rang

  4. Minks, Gary - roseannminks@vetcom
    Service Dates: June 1, 1966 - May 26, 1970
    Minneapolis, Mn, USA - 
    Unit: 7310 trabsoirtatuib squadron
    I am looking for any one who served with me during that time, please contact me at the above e mail address or write, call, Gary Minks 5840 Decatur Ave N, Mpls,Mn 55428  Phone 763-535 3963

Coast Guards

  1. Caine, Roger -
     usa  Unit: wlb 400
    Service Dates: 1970 - 1974


  1. Ausborn, Freddie  -
    Searching For: Gregory D. Myers - U.S.  Unit: Okinawa Japan, Tustin CA
    Service Dates: 3/81 - 3/85

    Service Dates: aug 64 - aug 68
    angola, n.y., erie - 353 e. sterling ave.
    Unit: 1st motors

  3. Torrieri III, Nicholas -
    A Link to Nick Torrieri's Profile Great profile of someone who served with his countries interest at heart.
    Service Dates: 3/59 - 5/68
    Boerne, Texas, USA - 
    Unit: several
    Boot camp,SD[59] 2dBn 5thMar E co Camp Pen[59] MBtry 4th Bn 11thMar,Camp Pen.[62] DBtry 2dBn, 11thMar,Camp Pen.[62] NATTC, MFS, Tenn,[62-63] ORS, MCAS,Cherry Point NC,[62-63] H&ms12, Mag12[Japan}[64]H&ms33,Mag33 3dMaw,El Toro,[65]HMM363. MAG36 3dMAW, Santa Ana,[65] HMM363, MAG36,1stMAW[Vietnam],[65-66] HMM364,MAG36.1stMAW[Vietnam][66]H&ms-32,MAG32,2dMAW,Beaufort SC,[66-67]VMFA312,MAG32,2dMAW,Beaufort SC[67]-- May 1968 discharge. SGT. E-5

Merchant Marines

  1. Gemenez, Gabe -
    Searching For: Dan Gemenez - United States  Unit: Supply

  2.  Thompson Jr., Arthur -
    Searching For: Arthur Stanley Thompson Sr. -

  3.  Garrison, Judith -
    Searching For: Darryl Ballard - USA  Unit:
    Service Dates: 1964 - 1968


  1. Adducchio, Eric -
    Searching For: Michael Edwards - United states

  2. Eggert, David -
    Service Dates: April 1961 - Nov. 1965
    Omak, WA

  3. Blair, Roy -
    Service Dates: March18,1969 - March 17, 1975
    Las Vegas, NV

  4. weliver, gene -
    Searching For: martin carlton - usa  Unit: 8069th Replacement Battalion Pusan, Korie
    Service Dates: 1950 - 1951
           Would like to hear from you

  5.  white, susan -
    Service Dates: 1975 - 1986
    Beardsley, MN, usa - 
     I was stationed in Maine 75-77 at Naval Security Group Activity, Winter Harbor, ME, then it was on to NAVCAMS Guam, after 6 mos at Radioman School in San Diego NTC. I worked in msg ctr and technical control. I was on guam till 79. I then went to Naval Comm Station , Rota, Spain 79-83, worked in tech control/recievers. I then went to school, in Millington, TN and back to San Diego NTC till Jan 86. I would love to hear from anyone stationed with me that visits this site. The comm. was a close community and hopefully, someone sees this and writes...

  6. Robinson-King, Paige -
    Service Dates: 1978 to - 2001
    Panama, city, Fla, Bay -
    Unit: Various
    I am looking for Jennifer Johnson-Carroll, we joined the navy together in 1978 and lost contact, after she was a AD2 in NM
    I was a RM which is now called a IT.

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 Honor the Veterans, They don't make the wars, governments make wars, the Veterans served their country and their government for the right reasons (freedom of the people), no matter what the real reasons of the government were. ( Money, power?).


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