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World peace now

I recently discovered this Universal Flag and it's website.
This is a strong solution for peace.


An apology from the webmaster: I have been writing these articles since the time I started this web site in 1996. Some times I was very upset about the situations that were happening at the time. I expounded on those subjects. Needless to say some of them were very negative. I knew better, but continued. I did try to offer some solutions, but let's face it, what do I know? I will try to correct my errors soon.
         I realize that we are all prone to mistakes, be you a wife, a husband, a daughter, a son or the president; we all make mistakes. There are various reasons for them, but let's find a remedy.
           If you hold in anger, it will make you sick - ergo: Don't hold in anger. But, let's take it a step further - do we really need to be angry? What if we smiled, then forgave and went on about our lives. A lot of that anger would dissipate, wouldn't it? I can hear the replies - What if that #*##* did something really bad? Revenge! Is that the answer? We have been taught that revenge gives a victim satisfaction. But does it? (I have a story that is a good example- I'll post it soon.)
           I can see that this is going deeper and longer than I anticipated, so I'm going to put this on a different page. I'll put a link on here to that page, but before I go, I want to leave you with one thought: Love rules. If you have ever felt love, deep down in your heart, for your family, a friend or a pet, then you know that there is no better feeling, why clutter up you life with hate and revenge? It only brings on illness. As all of the pharmaceutical commercials say, "Ask your doctor."
       If you never felt love, don't worry there are cures and believe me, there is no greater feeling on this planet than LOVE. Try it!
       As I write this there are innocent people who are being killed in many parts of this world. I wrote a section about war that certainly applies now.  I wrote it in a strong desire for peace. I believe we must recognize the evil in order to overcome it with love. Click here for my views on war - also the about these times and war.



"Satan" is an ancient word used for eternal hatred. Hate is a parasite that eats away a healthy body and feeds on avarice and destruction. Where there is love, there can be no hate.



My dream mandala for meditations.
Picture this in your mind and then repeat the words
in a clockwise manner while meditating.
Click here to view a larger image.

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I AM SANTA! See the reason for this statement.

Dan Kimber, fired for writing the truth!

“Sarah Palin: The Sound and the Fury,” written by Michael Joseph Gross is an excellent article in Vanity Fair Magazine, about one of the countries most manipulative women in the world. Here is a link to this article: Sarah Palin: the Sound and the Fury and a response from Michael Joseph Gross to the comments made about his article: Michael Joseph Gross responds to criticism of his article on Sarah Palin.

Inspirational messages and writings.


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Circulating emails of today.
The Secret,  about a movie that is enlightening. Oprah loved it.
The Doves of Peace - A vision
Inspirational Stories & Links
About Life and Death:  From books written by Ruth Montgomery
About Healing: From books written about Edgar Cayce
Benjamin Franklin on life, death and reincarnation.
Black Dot Publications! published (and soon-to-be published) works of self-realization writer Chuck Hillig. His fun and insightful books, columns and presentations have enlightened and inspired us for over 30 years.
Center for Spiritual Discovery If you are looking for a way to change your life and be happy here on earth, then check out this center.
Answer to the Daily Pilot's question to ministers. Jim Turrell's answer.
God's Arm: A true experience by this webmaster.
God's Arm II: Another true experience.
Insight Book Store - A bookstore specializing in metaphysical concepts and opportunities for those who seek to know more about themselves and their world.
LEVITICUS - a word from a dream and the enlightenment of its context.
Submitted Words of Encouragement
Words of Encouragement

Informational messages and writings.APPOLOGY  TO THE PEOPLE OF MEXICO - A letter to the people of mexico, appologizing for our governments actons.

Rewriting History for Convenience By Dan Kimber A great article about Texas and their desire to rewrite history.

Interesting comparison: In 1903 a book, THE RULERS OF THE MEDITERRANEAN by Richard Harding Davis, a leading journalist of that era was published. He wrote of British rule in Egypt. Compare that to what Bush and his corporate buddies are trying to do in the oil countries today. There is nothing new in this world. When will we learn? Read page 155 of this book here!   If you find that interesting, go to Google Book Search to read more about this book.
How ALL business phones SHOULD be answered!
Words about Freedom
Words about Hate and Labels.
Washington Post articles - Recent commentaries on patriotism.
Lt. Ehren Watada's bravery - He refused to fight in an illegal war!

Read Comments:  From visitors and readers of this site( parsec-santa.com).
Special Links of Interest
A women who spent: Eleven Years in Soviet Prison Camps - An introduction to a fascinating and frightening book.

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Negative messages and writings.

Government Pensions - What we pay to be ruled.
The latest insanity in our government.
Special Comment About "Sacrifice"
By Keith Olbermann  MSNBC "Countdown"
Hitler and the Arabs
Our government's "10 Point plan" for fighting terrorism

Messages to the President: Both pro and con are printed.
Legalized Rip Offs 

Emails that are circulating about the truth.
- Read the truth about the city officials and their terrible treatment of the Katrina victims, refusing them water and raiding their encampments. Is this 2008 or is it 1408?
Speaking out 

Thoughts about war.
The Dark Ages: They are still with us today, read the Dark Ages Journal.
William L. Shirer stories: A foreign correspondent writes, first hand, his experiences in Nazi Germany from 1939 to 1940.  Hitler proved that the bigger the lies, the better, because gullible people would believe them and the greedy would want to believe them. - Read some first-hand stories about those times and then see if you can recognize any of those lies being spoken today.
The President's Family Values

Lest We Forget
The causes of all the trouble we are in today, brought on by the greed of a few.
Don't blame Obama!!



Yatish Vera Ananda
We had an ashram in Sonoma, California.
Yatish Vera Ananda taught there.
We held a retreat at a state park and hundreds came.
Ananda Marga Yoga Society


Jesus was an unselfish, loving, forgiving man, who did not condone killing for any reason. Those who say they follow Jesus, insult him by being selfish, greedy and by condoning killing. Those who say they follow the bible, and then justify hate, greed, executions, and war are really followers of their own self interests, not the interests of Jesus, the true bible or mankind. Open your eyes America, we are being led down a primrose path to hell.

This is my Prayer:
May a great light (Force or Energy), from the universe, shine down on this planet and blanket every living being with love, caring, forgiveness and compassion for his fellow man. Let this light dissolve and erase all fear, anger, jealousy, hate, and greed from all. Let this light create the feeling of family, so that peace will be the way of life for all of the brothers and sisters of this planet.
Thank you.



12/23/2008 - After many years away from Hollywood, I have returned to the area, and once more, I will be helping the Film Advisory Board. Yesterday I saw a preview of a wonderful family film. There were a few swear words and some sexual innuendos that were natural and part of the reality of the film. It shows the ups and downs of a romance; the decisions about marriage, marriage, to have or not to have babies and finally the babies and all of the ramifications of parenthood. All of this interwoven with a wonderful, rambunctious dog called Marley. Yes, the film is "Marley and Me" and opens Christmas day. If you have any feelings, and if you love animals you will have some good laughs and some wet tears.

Two days until Christmas, eight days until New Years Eve, and nine days until we start another year. What will we do to make this the best year of them all? That is the question we should all be asking ourselves. "What can I do to make this a better world ?" We don’t need to look to someone else to do it, we can do it; but only if we believe we can do it. We have a new president that is giving us hope for the future. We put him there, but we have to help him. Soon the evil will be leaving the White House, it is up to us to keep it out.

We must let go of all negative thoughts, because we only strengthen that negativity when we talk about it. The last eight years is proof of that. Think positive, act positive and your life will be better. We are all perfect, no matter what those. who believe they are in the know, say. I want a peaceful, happy life for all, we are all on this planet together, let’s make it a grand place to be for all.

Now that I have said my say, I want to thank all of you faithful viewers, who have been supportive of me in the past. I love all of you. I love the world and everyone in it. Love is the strongest weapon we can ever use against fear, anger, hate and greed. It won’t be easy but we can do it. I want to wish you a very, merry Christmas, a very happy holiday to all beliefs and a wonderful, grand, New Year. I Love You All. See you next year.




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