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3/10/2011 - Signed up again, and then received an AARP magazine that had a picture of the last President that had so many of our young peope killed for his family's oil. Bush was his name! I dropped the magazine on my doorstep for people to walk on.

I posted something about it on a forum from my home town. They are all in agreement; AARP is screwing the elderly and helping the big corproations get more of your money. We don't need con men like that conning the elderly. I will never renew!!

I was a member of AARP for many years. I scanned the magazine, I was busy, but I liked what the said they were trying to do to help seniors. Like many young seniors, I was too busy to really pay a lot of attention to what was happening.
      Then in the last five years I noticed that the AARP wasn't pushing like they were in the beginning.  Now I am a few years older, retired after a bad financial blow and enjoying my life, so I took some time to read what they were saying. When my renewal came up, I decided that it was not the same AARP and so dropped my subscription. It has been almost two years since I read an AARP magazine. They kept sending me requests to re-new, I ignored them.
        I just received another request with a letter asking me: " Did any AARP benefits or services disappoint you?  If so, I'd appreciate your letting me know. It would be a big help."
        I decided to give them another chance, only this time, I am going to keep tabs on them, and send them letters with my feelings and concerns. I will post those letters on this site, and if any of you readers would like to post any letters you send or any comments, I will post them here for all to read. Keep them clean and to the point.

Below is the first letter with my check for a two year subscription.

September 23, 2003
AARP Membership Center
PO Box 22744
Long Beach, CA 90801-9840


One of the reasons I havenít renewed my subscription is that it seems that AARP has become obsequious to the officials who are disregarding the common people of this country for their own personal and special interests. It is time to speak up for what is right, and it is not un-patriotic to do so. Where would we be if someone hadnít spoken out at the time of the American Revolution? If there had been a media like we have today, they would have been branded as terrorist and traitors to their country. Fortunately the media wasnít around to do the governments biding as is happening today.

One thing AARP could do to help this country and the common people is to lobby for a law that requires all government officials to pay into social security and stop their full pay retirement plan that the government has. There would be plenty of money for social security if those benefits were put into the social security program. And, if those officials had to depend on social security, as do the rest of the people, Iíll bet there would be a lot of improvements, and they wouldnít take long to implement them.

Iím going to give you another try and re-new my subscription. And I will be watching to see how well you work for the up and coming seniors. I have a large website that gets a lot of visits and I am going to report your progress and also post this letter on the site. I have more suggestions for a better country. You will hear from me. Good luck on your endeavors (I know, I sound like a kook.) After reading this I felt that way too. Letís find out.


Sam Younghans