I received the following email that showed some promise after a little editing..

How ALL business phones SHOULD be answered!


 The native Americans welcomed the newcomers. The newcomers took their land. Then the newcomers were treated badly by their Mother country, so they took the land for themselves. The start of the United States. United because they stood together to make this a free country for all who lived here. People from other countries heard of this freedom and came to this country to be free. They spoke different languages, but learned to speak the language of this country also. They became part of this country and did much to keep it free and to build it into the country it is today. We were all God's children and all brothers and sisters of the world. Most of us knew we were all connected through God. We loved our neighbor.

        Then greed set in. Power and money became the prime target. We no longer shared or cared for our brothers. We wanted it all. Not all of America was like this, but the few who were made the difference. The industrial revolution set it in motion, and it grew into the monster it is today. Sending our children to other countries to fight and die for that monster. Making them believe they were fighting for our country, not for their profit.

Press '1' for English.

Press '2' to for an operator who speaks your language.
Yes, it would be to your advantage to speak English.
Those who speak two languages have increased their intelligence.

And remember, many defining forces all over the world have offered to die for you.
Ones we know of in this country are:
Jesus Christ,


who loved all mankind. He did not see mankind as sheep, to follow blindly with out using their god given minds, but to use their minds for the good of all of the people of this planet. And yes, the American Soldiers died for you. They were never told that what they were really dying for was power and greed. And those who were fortunate enough to return, returned to the monsters, who turned their backs on them.

One died for your soul,

The other for your freedom. That is what the monsters want us to believe. Freedom to exploit the people, freedom to profiteer on war. Doesn't your heart cry for all of the people of the world who have died because of these monsters.

We should all pray that the mind will be cleared of all desires of greed, that it will become filled with love and caring. With the knowledge that as long as one person on this planet suffers, because of another mans greed, the whole planet suffers. Then we can truly be united.

We don't need all of this suffering in our lives. You can make a difference. Stop hating, start loving, stop greed, start sharing, stop being narrow minded, start broadening your mind. Pray, that in this life time, peace comes to this planet. Pray for the good of all mankind.

If you agree...... Keep it going!

During World War II it was illegal to profiteer.