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Godís Arm II
by Sam Younghans

February 26, 2007

The above story brought to mind another experience from the days when I was a limo driver in Hollywood. One of our accounts was CBS. We drove all of their people, and when the affiliates arrived for their yearly meeting we took care of them as well. They brought all of their own camera equipment, in order to shoot the stars of the various shows, Then they produced their own trailers for their particular area.

This particular year they located in Manhattan Beach. When the week was up and they had their stars in the can, they returned home. We drove them to LAX in rented vans, in order to haul their equipment along. The back of the van accommodated the equipment, and the crew rode up front.

There is always a lot of traffic in LAX, so I parked along side a row of cars, waiting for the car in front of me, at the curb, to pull out so I could park. A normal procedure. While waiting, I noticed a car pull up and stop just ahead of the car pulling out. The car had to go around him to get out. I immediately pulled in nose first, which I wouldnít have done had that other car not been there. The man, in the car, stuck his head out of the window and shouted something about that being his parking spot. I yelled back that I had been waiting for that spot when he pulled up and that he should find another spot.

I got the van parked and was holding the rear door, on the driverís side, open while the crew unloaded the equipment. Suddenly this big husky guy got in my face. He was that other driver, who was ranting and raving. I explained the facts, which he would not except.

Before I finish this story, I want to tell you briefly about my earlier life that has a bearing on the next scene. I played eleven years of football, I was a boxer and a street fighter, and determined that if someone showed an inclination to punch me, that the easiest solution was to end it with a good hard right to the jaw. This I proved to myself a number of times and usually when I was facing two or three antagonist at the same time. I had an attitude that the harder they hit me the better it felt. Although I was a violent person, I never hit anyone with out a good reason. This all changed when I started practicing yoga. I determined not to hit another person for any reason, and followed that determination for many years. Up till the time that person got in my face I had been faithful to my determination.

Back to LAX. When I saw that this was going nowhere and I had to take care of my passengers, I decided to end it. I told this man, who was big and husky, that he was a fat, f---, and that he didnít have anything better to do with his time, but get in peopleís faces. Why did I do that? To provoke him of course, and it did. He gave me a big shove, which I was prepared for. The follow-up was to be a solid right to his jaw. I was zeroed in, there was no way I wouldnít knock him flat on his ass. As I started my punch, everything suddenly became slow motion. In my minds eye, I saw my punch hit him, I saw him go down, as I had seen happen in other instances, and then, a car ran over his head. I jerked back my punch.

He saw this and said, "Go ahead, swing at me, Iíll kill you." It took me a moment to gather myself together, and in a voice that I didnít recognize, I said, " You are already dead. You better get lost." He looked at me and quickly, walked away. Something (God) had warned me. The next day I was sitting in Graumanís Chinese Theatre, watching a movie, and the thought came to me; I could be sitting in jail with a homicide charge against me. I thanked God then, and I do to this day.

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