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If I Had You - by Alabama


How do we heal the world? It starts with you. If you do it, others will follow. If you don’t try it, don’t lay blame?

We are not born sinners! We are born new to this planet. At birth, we have no hate or greed in our hearts, and if we are lucky, we have a mother’s tender breast to feed us (almost) pure food.

Hate and greed are taught at an early age. Why do we teach our children to hate, and to be greedy? There is still some hope left for this planet. Why, you ask? Because; there are some, who missed those negative teachings.

There are people on this planet, who really care. They are the ones who will start healing the world we live in. They are guided by a force that cannot be controlled by those who want it all. This force is within us all. It took me eighty-four years to realize, that within us all, is a universal force that can only be used for good; if we reach out for it.

It is time to reach out. It is so simple; take five minutes of your precious time, and send love and healing to some one you hate. That is not too difficult, if you do it with truth and sincerity. The more you do it the stronger will be your force. It is like learning and practicing an instrument, or drawing a picture, or anything you wish to learn.

Don’t feel that you have to go through someone, or get permission from a higher source, in order to do this. This is a freedom you have that will always be with you. No one can take it away, or punish you for your actions. Soon you will feel this force making you a better, happy person, even if you doubt it.

Have meetings, and share your experiences. Find those who want to share, and make this a better world. Then, send group healings to those we know are destroying our world. Don’t tell other people how to live their lives, we have enough of that already, just tell what happened to you; your own true experiences.

I don’t know anything, but I do have feelings and experiences, and, I am not senile, and I am sending healings to those who need it! Try it; you might learn to like it. It couldn’t hurt.