I am Santa Claus
Listen To The Bells

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Music & Lyrics by Paula Samonte
Musical Arrangement by Steve Storc


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  This site is dedicated to Christmas, Santa Claus and those with that spirit of Good Will & Peace on Earth. The music you hear is "Listen To The Bells" written by Paula Samonte for the play Cancel Christmas.  


That’s right, I am Santa. How can I make that statement, with a straight face? SantaIt is very easy. Before I explain how I know I am Santa, let me tell you a few things about Santa that you probably know, but haven’t thought about in a while.

Santa has a purpose in life, a very important purpose. He is helping children experience happiness. That happiness may only be for a few moments during the Christmas season, but it does happen. His purpose is to show children that giving and sharing are a very important part of living a good, healthy, happy, life. Santa is the example, look at how robust and jolly he looks when he is talking to children, or when he is giving gifts, on Christmas Eve. You can’t take that away from Santa. Santa is a winner.

I wrote a Christmas play/story about Santa some years ago. I first wrote it as play for my “Mini-Players” to perform for the Sonoma Boys and Girls Club in California. I wrote it for no other reason than I wanted to have enough roles for all of my class of Mini-players, and I wanted something new. When I was requested to produce it the following year, I began revising and improving it.

The play was about the elves saving Santa and Christmas. I titled it Cancel Christmas because of a note tacked onto Santa’s workshop door. After that first year, other theatre groups produced it as well. It is now also a published book and a screenplay has been written.

This was not the first time I was involved with Santa, nor would it be my last. The first two years out of High school I worked as a Santa Claus in a Department store outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I enjoyed both seasons.

One Christmas season, in San Diego, I was producing the play and a few days before the opening, I lost my Santa Claus, so I took on the role in order to save the production. It was very rewarding. Thus I feel a close affinity to Santa.

In July of this year, 2011, I decided to repeat history. I would produce Cancel Christmas in Glendale, California. I chose Glendale because I lived there and liked the community. I made contact with the community park people about the possibility of teaching in their facility. I was met with great enthusiasm. I would teach as a volunteer, which required a background check by the City of Glendale.

Before I could begin, I had to have the city’s okay. This took up until October to finally get an okay. Prior to that, I tried to get an article in the local paper about it and about me, so that there would be some interest. I emailed them article, photos, and a link to my web site that had all of the information about me and Cancel Christmas. I received no response from the local paper. I had to promote it another way.

During that time, I was organizing some of my old props and came across a Santa hat. Now at that time I had a goatee, which I grew in order to play a nobleman for the LA Opera as a supernumerary. After the production ended, I decide to keep the goatee. In March and part of April of this year (2011), I played the role of, Gus, the theatre cat, in the Ukiah Civic Light Opera’s production of the musical, Cats. I wore the goatee in Cats, and when I returned home, I was cast in an independent film and kept the goatee. So, when the production of Cancel Christmas came to mind, I decided to grow a full beard in case I had to play the role of Santa again.

Back to the hat! When I discovered the hat in my prop box, I tried it on. When I looked in the mirror and smiled, I saw Santa. I was treated to a very special feeling. I liked the feeling and decided to wear the hat as much as possible.

I then, went to the Newspaper office in order to talk to the editor about my situation with Cancel Christmas. I put on the hat when I drove to their offices. It felt good and I could see people responding to it in a nice way. I entered the office wearing the hat and was greeted by a very nice receptionist. I was told that the editor was at a city hall meeting. But, it wasn’t a total waste, because the reaction from the people I encountered gave me the faith, that I was doing something right.

I stopped in Trader Joes for some groceries and received the same reactions. While driving, I realized that I was representing something much more important than me. I am known as an aggressive driver, not a speedster. I do not speed or break the law. My aggressiveness was taught to me by my father as the safest way to drive and avoid accidents. It keeps you on your toes and aware of everything going on around you. There is no way you can text, or talk on a phone, during aggressive driving. My father taught me “courtesy of the road” which no longer exists. I have never stopped using it while driving, however, I became even more courteous, wearing the hat.

Driving with the hat on created a new perspective. I wouldn’t think of honking the horn, or telling some one that they should go to driving school when I see their inane maneuvers on the streets. When I walk into a store, or from my car to the store, I see a change in people. I thought, in the beginning, that they were thinking, “here comes another cocoanut.” Frequently, I was asked, “Isn’t it a little early?”
            My reply was, “It is never too early for Santa Claus”

If I interacted with people, they were very responsive, and I didn’t get that feeling of being dealt with as a weirdo. I felt like I was creating the Christmas spirit, if only for a minute. It is a grand feeling.

Here are some more facts about Santa: Santa is as old as the universe. How do I know that? Simple; he is, as we all are, connected to the universe from the beginning. “All things are connected.” is a statement that has not been scientifically proven or disproved. There are thousands of pages, pro and con, written about this, and also, many other statements of like nature that are questionable.

I want to talk about Santa, so let’s look at Santa as a Universal thought. We know that ideas are sometimes conceived in different parts of the world at the same time, so there is something floating in the cosmos that can influence the mind in different parts of the world at the same time. Santa is an idea, as is God. They are both ideas, one as real as the other. I know people who are programmed by listening to people who claim to “speak to God” will find this unacceptable, but these are only my thoughts and I am not trying to convert anyone, in anyway.

I put on Santa’s hat every day in my thoughts. It is a good, positive, attitude, to walk as Santa, and to act as Santa in all situations. No different, I suppose, than putting on Gods hat and acting as you believe God would act. With either hat on, how can one have fear, anger or hate? How can one act mean or do greedy acts to another person or to the human race. I know when I am wearing the “hat” I can only act with love and kindness. Why would one want to act any other way? We should all try on one of those “hats” for a day, or longer, if you enjoy the feeling. It couldn't hurt!

The Christmas spirit and Santa Claus are both Good. I know that the cleric set the 25th of December as Christmas because it coincided with a large Pagan celebration on that date. That was a good maneuver, however, Christmas is an idea, and part of that idea is Santa Claus. The thought of Santa Claus brings smiles to children’s faces, they experience giving and receiving. We need this feeling every day of our lives.


Written by Sam Younghans all ages


Cxmas image



The new illustrated version of
Written by Sam Younghans
Illustrated by Cindi Valverde


Mr. Mrs. Santa

Book by Sam Younghans
Music and lyrics by Paula Samonte and Sam Younghans

A production in Los Angeles

2006  season's production
Eagle Rock
2,100 attended 3 performances


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