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My Dream
Mantra and Mandala

Spring Awakening

by Fumio Miyashita
From his album "Nature"

Great meditation music for peace

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When I created the above Mandala, I was not following any specific definitions for Mandalas. I just started desiging it, and this is what came out. Recently, I was searching for a definate pronounciation of the word "Mandala" with the following results:

Definition of MANDALA (MAN-DA-LA)
1:  a Hindu or Buddhist graphic symbol of the universe; specifically :  a circle enclosing a square with a deity on each side that is used chiefly as an aid to meditation

2:  a graphic and often symbolic pattern usually in the form of a circle divided into four separate sections or bearing a multiple projection of an image. 

As you see, my Mandala was in the form of a triangle, surrounded by a circle, and a circle enclosed in the center. I was happy that mine was different. It once again told me "there are many paths" for enlightenment. Ii don't believe there is only one way to gain your goal of enlightenment.

If you noticed, in the center of the Mandala, I entered a portion of a drawing I had done in 1957. The full image is at the bottom of this page. When I did the drawing It was not out of religiousness, it was a drawing I found in an old book, liked it, and then enlarged it. At that time in my life I wasn't seeking enlightenment.

To this day, I believe there was a great man named Jesus, who helped many people, but I don't believe the bible's versions of him. If Jesus was to come alive today, I am sure he woud say, in regards to the statements in the bible, "I didn't say that!"


Meditation is a practice that many perform daily. It is one of the cheapest forms of medication you will ever find; and you don't need a doctor to prescribe it. Find a quiet place without disturbances is the best way to start. I have been doing it for many years, so I have done it on planes, subways and on horseback. It makes time fly when you are in a situation where you must wait. I have healed myself of illness, and when that depression bug bites, there is no better remedy.

For those who may be new to Meditation. Meditation has many beneficial features: relaxation, clearing ones mind for creative projects, re-energizing, health, and healing; to name a few of the many benefits.

For beginners, or for anyone, the music that accompanies this mandala is a great aid. I met Fumio Miyashita in Hollywood in the early seventies. I was managing a Japanese singer at the time, we spent much time with Fumio and his family. He practiced Nicherin's Buddhism, as did I. Years later, I  found him on the internet, he was in Japan recording. I got one of his CDs (Nature).

One morning I awoke with the concept of the above mandala on my mind. I first drew it on paper so that I wouldn't forget it, then, I put it on the computer and finally, on my web site. I plan to do a painting of it in the near future.

After I put it on the computer, I started to meditate on it, and used the words "God, Love, Peace." as my mantra. With the vision of the mandala in my mind, I would relax through some deep breathing, then, as I took in a deep breath, I said "God" then, as I was breathing out, I said "Love," then with the last of my breath I say "Peace." Repeating this, with the breathing, set a tempo for my meditation." I repeated the words in a clockwise manner while meditating.

One day I played Fumio's music while meditating on the mandala, using the mantra; "God, Love, Peace." When Fumio's track of "Spring Awakening" started playing, I realized that it was in sync with the mantra. That is the music you hear on this page.

If you listen, you will hear three distinct bells that run through the entire number (at each bell I say one of the words in the mantra.) They are spaced with a musical interval that sometimes sounds like the mantra. What I do, is breath in and say the first word (God) of the mantra, on the first gong, then hold my breath for the second gong, saying the second word (Love), and then, breath out and say the final word (Peace). During the interval I repeat the mantra again, or relax and let any thoughts that are creeping into my consciousness, flow out, so that I am ready for the next gong.

In the beginning, try it for the length of this song, and soon you will be meditating longer and feeling connected to the Universe.

NOTE: Since I wrote this, I have found another mantra to use with the Mandala when I am not playing the music. I start by expelling all of my breath, then as I breath in, I say, "Nam Myo Ho Renge Kyo" from my Buddhist days. Then as I expel my breath I say, "God, Love, Peace." This brings me back to the beginniing. I chanted "Nam ..." for over 22 years, so it came easy for me. I always felt "Nam ..." was a key to the God of the Universe.

Pray for Peace.
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The drawing above, on the left, is from a drawing I saw in an old book; I drew it on an 18" X  24" art tablet. The photo on the right is of Yatish Vera Ananda while giving a retreat that we set up in the mountains north of the city of Sonoma, CA. I did the oil painting below, from an image out of my mind. No, I wasn't out of my mind, the image was from out of my mind.


We had an ashram in Sonoma, California.
Yatish Vera Ananda taught there.
We held a retreat at a state park and hundreds came.
Ananda Marga Yoga Society

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