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Embers of War
by Sam Younghans

The fires are out,
The war is over,
But, the embers glow on.

How long, how long,
before the fans of greed,
re-ignite the horror?

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Embers - about embers
The Truth of War

War Predictions
Music and War
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Three retired generals challenged a dozen members of Congress in a new ad campaign Wednesday, saying the politicians can't expect to win re-election if they support President Bush's policies in Iraq.



War Predictions

War has come to us. It was predicted by some a long time before Bush said he would run for president. I heard fear in people, who said they knew he was going to run for president. I didn't laugh because these were responsible people who had their fingers on the pulse of this nation. 
       A year or so later, when I heard he planned to run, I remembered my friends warnings. They said he was evil, coming to take over. There will be war. So far their predictions have come true. I fear for and pray for our troops over there, who are blindly doing his bidding.
        I fully support our troops, as does all Americans. The Government and the troops are not one and the same, as many would like you to believe. I don't support any government, who puts our children at risk in a war for power and wealth, using terrorism as a guise to do as they please. How many immediate relatives of the government are over there fighting?
       When will we learn??


Embers of War

One definition of an ç is:  A small live coal or glowing piece of wood - the smoldering remains of a fire. 
       Embers, if let alone, may die away, however, if they are fanned, they once again develop into a roaring fire. Firemen know this, they remain after the fire is out to make sure there are no remaining embers.

          A war starts as a small live coal or a glowing piece of wood, somehow they are fanned into world conflagrations. Then people are killed, maimed, tortured, and starved; the land is destroyed, and freedom taken away until the fire is put out. The young people are sent out to extinguish the fire. When the fire is out the governments shake hands and send the remaining young home. The embers are left glowing.

The process begins again. What fans the embers; greed, a desire for power, or sheer stupidity? I believe it is a combination of all of them. The people never gain anything from war. There is no such thing as "the spoils of war" for the young boys who go off to put out those fires. When it is over, they are sent home, while the governments split everything amongst themselves. Business back to normal. New government contracts, aid to the countries; with large amounts of money that never really trickle down to the people who need it, and the embers are still glowing. The veterans do not even get a free quart of oil.

Iíve simplified a very complex and motivational process that takes place. It is happening in the world today, as it has in the past. It takes certain types to make the process work. Hitler knew the process; he played on the stupidity and the greed of governments, business people and the general public. No one caught on until it was too late. The bigger the lie, the more the belief. All were blinded by their self-interests.
William L. Shirer stories: A foreign correspondent writes, first hand, his experiences in Nazi Germany from 1939 to 1940.  Hitler proved that the bigger the lies, the better, because gullible people would believe them and the greedy would want to believe them. - Read some first-hand stories about those times and then see if you can recognize any of those lies being spoken today.

To talk of a problem without having a solution is easy to do. Thatís what most of us do. We complain, we pass on gossip, we make decisions based on second and third hand information, and we become adamant about those decisions; sometime to the point of killing our fellow man.

We are smart, we know it all. Hate, prejudice, partiality, bigotry, etc., all thrive on this.

It seems that when a person or a group of people come close to a solution, they are eliminated from public by some very effective means. "The truth shall be heard" has been cried for ages, yet lies are believed quicker than the truth. Hitler proved this. So, it appears, that one of the main problems is based on truth.


The Truth of War

What is truth? Conformity to fact or reality is one definition. Freedom from deceit or falseness is another. When one believes his own untruths, does that make them true? I donít think so, but there are people who have used lies for their self-interests for so long that they actually believe them. There lies the danger (no pun intended.) Those types would probably pass a lie detector test.

Speaking of lie detecting, detecting lies is probably one of the main solutions to the problems of today. Discoveries of various ways and means of getting at the truth have been developed. It doesnít stand up in courts, but it helps the process. There is photography that detects heat changes in the face, related to truth, and even more sophisticated ways of getting at the truth are being developed. It is a way to detect terrorist and catch criminals

It is criminal to lie to people for self gain. A politician, who lies to gain a self interest at the cost of the people and his country, is doing an act of terrorism. It is done all of the time in sales and in politics. How simple! When a salesman or a politician is addressing the public for purposes of making a sale, raising money or getting into power (excuse me, office is a nicer word.), wouldnít it make sense to have a lie detecting meter there so that you could discern the truth, and then, make a decision based on truth, instead of what you hope might be the truth?. I can see a meter at the bottom of your TV screen that accurately reads speeches and sales pitches. Any politician, including the President would be given more faith if he showed the public that he has no fear of the truth. He could set up interviews, that werenít structured by his office, to actually prove his truthfulness. Of all people, the president should show the people that he is not afraid of the truth. The people deserve this, it is their right.

If that could ever be a reality, the world would soon know the self-interest monsters who feed on us; maybe some real honest people could put the world back together. Perhaps it would slow down, if not stop, this endless, on going destruction of innocent people throughout the world. We could put out, forever, the embers of war. It couldnít hurt.


Music and War

As much as I love music, it is sad to say that music is a strong instrument of war. First the patriotic songs, then the motivational songs, and finally the war songs. When it is over, songs are written to help us forget the horrors of war. Love and peace; until the greed, avarice and stupidity seep back in. Then the process begins again.

George M. Cohan and Irving Berlin were two of the most inspirational song writers of the war years. They both loved their country. What they wrote did more for the war effort than any five generals (I chose the number five, not from statistics but from what I personally felt.) So it is open for criticism.

Think about their songs in relation to the steps of war. First the patriotic songs. Yankee Doodle Boy, God Bless America, You're a Grand Old Flag were some of those type of songs that appealed to patriotism. Songs that made war okay, although I don't think either one of them thought of it that way.

Then came the actual "going to war" process. Over There, Pack Up Your Troubles, Oh How I Hate to Get Up in the Morning, You're in the Army Now. There were many more, but you get my drift.  The boys signed up, or they were drafted, both eagerly going off to fight for their country. The glamour of war.

Once over there, the glamour soon wore thin. Friends were killed or body parts were blown off. Living conditions were lower than any of the lowest living conditions in the states. Mud, cold, hunger, disease were a few. I'm talking about the conditions of the youngster who had no connections, not about the officers who were billeted in homes and hotels along the way to the front. For them the glamour was still there.

The songs changed to Give My Regards to Broadway, I Left My Heart At the Stage Door Canteen, White Christmas, I'll be home for Christmas, etc. The glamour was gone. The desire to return home was strong. They thought, as did the world think, that when this one was stopped, it would put an end to thoughtless killing for the profit of a few. We are not doing something right. Something is wrong, the wars continue. We should examine that closely. And not be blinded by political rhetoric. 



Political position is not gained through any given talent except to tell a bigger story than the opponent, plus the "right" political friends, parents, connections and a large financial base.  All they need is ambition for power. They donít have to be intelligent, athletic, creative, heroic or have any of the attributes that mark a person of talent or good character.
            As for caring about the people or the environment, their only thought is of their votes, votes gained through promises and stories that were never intended to be fulfilled. Once in power, their thoughts are of, staying in power, lining their pockets and the pockets of the special interest groups who finance them. These people are leeches and parasites on society.
                 Because of our own greed we go along like sheep, hoping to gain our own fortune and we allow these bugs in society. We donít want to admit that we have been wrong, so we keep our heads in the sand.

Solution: Require truth devices on all political speeches. Harsh punishment for those abusing their power. Strong monitoring of all government officials; their bank accounts, assets, voting habits and their financial backers. Make the information available to the public.


By PHILIP ELLIOTT, Associated Press Writer 2 hours, 15 minutes ago

CONCORD, N.H. - Three retired generals challenged a dozen members of Congress in a new ad campaign Wednesday, saying the politicians can't expect to win re-election if they support President Bush's policies in Iraq.

"I am outraged, as are the majority of Americans. I'm a lifelong Republican, but it's past time for change," retired Maj. Gen. John Batiste told reporters.

"Our strategy in Iraq today is more of the same, a slow grind to nowhere which totally ignores the reality of Iraq and the lessons of history," Batiste said. "Our president ignores sound military advice and surrounds himself with like-minded and compliant subordinates."

Batiste and Paul Eaton, also a retired major general, are featured in the ads by VoteVets.org. They challenge the president's argument that he listens to his commanders on the ground in Iraq and say the president's Iraq policies endanger U.S. security.

"The fact is, the president has never listened to the soldiers on the ground effectively," said retired NATO Supreme Allied Commander Wesley Clark, who ran for president in 2004. "This administration is not listening to the troops and is not supporting them."

Other veterans promoted the campaign at a news conference in Manchester, the start of a six-state publicity tour targeting Republican Sens. John Sununu (news, bio, voting record) of New Hampshire, Susan Collins (news, bio, voting record) of Maine, Norm Coleman (news, bio, voting record) of Minnesota and John Warner (news, bio, voting record) of Virginia, plus nine House members. Many in the group, including Sununu, have criticized various aspects of administration policy, but all have opposed legislation to establish a timetable for withdrawing American troops.

"Telling members of al-Qaida, militias or insurgent groups the date we will begin and end troop withdrawals is irresponsible," Sununu said.

Separately in Manchester, about a dozen peace activists staged a sit-in at Sununu's office to oppose the war. They read the names of 22 New Hampshire troops who died in Iraq. They also stood around a pile of shoes. Attached to each pair was the name of an Iraqi killed in the conflict. Outside, about 30 protesters waved signs.

When VoteVets.org ran ads in February, Sununu said critics of the war have every right to speak out, "but no group or individual should claim to speak for all the patriotic Americans serving in Iraq and around the world in our armed forces.

"The House members targeted by the new ads are Mary Bono (news, bio, voting record) of California, Phil English of Pennsylvania, Randy Kuhl (news, bio, voting record) and James Walsh (news, bio, voting record) of New York, Jo Ann Emerson (news, bio, voting record) of Missouri, Timothy Johnson (news, bio, voting record) of Illinois, Mike Rogers and Fred Upton (news, bio, voting record) of Michigan and Michael Castle (news, bio, voting record) of Delaware.

English's spokeswoman, Julia Wanzco, fired back. "The congressman has long stated that he is for a political settlement not a surge, and at the end of the day, these ads are more about cheap Democratic political stunts than about solving the actual problem," she said.

Samís Comment to Julia Wanzco:

Julia dear, when you comply with those officials, who tell you what to say, you are making yourself look like a complete idiot. To say these are cheap Democratic political stunts is making you look even cheaper. They are just stating the facts. We donít need to protect the oil interests at the cost of our young people, who could be at home helping to make this a better country. Julia, get out of that mess and start being real.