The fabulous Teatro Zinzanni, a pleasant, welcome voyage into the surreal world of entertainment.
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My visit to SF, Teatro Zinzanni, and North Beach
Teatro Zinzanni show room and Cabaret after the show - 

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Joan Baez - La Contessa
Eugeniy Voronin - Maitre d'Hotel
Maryam Mahvl - The Diva
Frank Ferrante - The Chef
Joe Orrach -Tino
Sergy Krutikov- Juggler
Eric Nondsen- Maurice
Blanca Sapetto - Sophie
Helene Turcotte - Duo Mouvance
Luc Martin - Duo Mouvance
Eddy & Charly Dedessus le moutier

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Joan Baez

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Mark Stock

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Mark Stock

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Birthday party for Eugeniy Voronin, Maitre d'Hotel, of Teatro Zinzanni on the EX-presidential yacht "The Potomac"

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My visit to North Beach, San Francisco
<<<<<My old apartment next to the City Lights.
Capp's Restaurant in North Beach.>>>>>>>

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